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We are all consumers!

But there are two types of consumers, the REGULAR CONSUMER and WISE CONSUMER. What's the difference? The regular consumer buys coffee, tea, chocolate drink, juice, vitamins, soap, shampoo, toothpaste & candies from supermarkets. By doing so, the regular consumer loses money because he considers these as monthly expenses.

Do you know that the regular consumer can actually use his monthly expenses to earn money? How does he do that? By becoming a wise consumer!

A wise consumer is a member of DXN. Joining DXN is like joining a discount club. Wherein, a member is given a privilege card. This card entitles him to a lifetime 15-25% cash discount on all DXN products.

The idea here is to make DXN our supermarket. Instead of buying ordinary coffee, tea, chocolate drink, juice, vitamins, soap, shampoo, toothpaste & candies from supermarket, SHIFT to DXN Products.

Why shift to DXN products?, my friends asked me. I told them that our products outrun performances of ordinary grocery items because they contain a special ingredient called ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum is a kind of mushroom that contains more than 200 active elements that will help us attain optimum health. It has been used by Japanese and Chinese emperors to promote longevity, youthfulness, stamina, vitality and good health.

The Ganoderma lucidum that is added to our products is produced by DXN International Private Ltd. -a multi-awarded company owned by Dr. Lim Siow Jin. DXN has perfected the cultivation and production of the mushroom and its manufacturing processes have passed GMP, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, TGA-Australia and Halal standards. This is why our products are extraordinary.

Now that we already have the reasons to shift brands, let us answer the question "Why do we lose money when we buy from supermarkets?" The answer is POINTS. Do you earn points when you buy from supermarkets? Absolutely not!

DXN products have equivalent points. Every time that you accumulate 1000 points within a month, you are a paid a cash rebate. Your points will keep on accumulating every time that you use DXN products even after rebates are paid. Accumulation will result to bigger cash rebates over time making products cheaper for you.

The time will come when your cash rebates shall be bigger than what you spend for DXN products. This means that you shall be enjoying free groceries for the rest of your life!

What are points?

Do you know that traditional marketing companies spend millions in advertising, paying popular endorsers like Sharon Cuneta? A marketing company like DXN can also do that. However, Dr. Lim Siow Jin, founder and CEO of DXN, OPTED to give his advertising budget to the best and most effective endorsers, THE WISE CONSUMERS. He assigned points to each DXN product. Every time a member advertises a product and a customer buys, he earns points and is paid a cash equivalent. The more he advertises, the more he earns.

The first way to earn in DXN is by using or patronizing its products. The second is thru recommendation.

Do you know that we are experts in the recommendation business? When we experience something good about a product, we usually recommend it. As an example, supposing someone asks your opinion on what facial soap to buy. Isn't it true that you recommend a brand? We frequently do it!

If you had diabetes and your condition was alleviated by our products and someone with the same illness asked you for advice on what products to take. Would you recommend our products? Why not?

If that person would like to buy the products, you get them at discounted prices from DXN and sell the same at customer prices. By doing this, you can earn substantial retail profits.

The third and biggest way to earn in this business is to invite people and teach them to do what you do.

In this example, you invite Alvin and he joins you. When this happens Alvin’s privilege card shall be directly connected to you. If he becomes a wise consumer, every time that he buys products from DXN, you earn money. Now, Bobby joins Alvin. When this happens, Bobby's privilege card shall be directly connected to Alvin. Every time Bobby buys products from DXN, Alvin and you shall be given override commissions. When Charlie joins Bobby, his privilege card shall be connected not only to Bobby but to Alvin and you. Every time Charlie buys products from DXN, Bobby, Alvin and you shall earn commissions.

Even if Charlie starts inviting friends you don't know, for as long as they join, they shall be connected to you and every time that they buy products from DXN, you shall earn commissions.

Our products are highly consumable. Wise consumers of DXN shall keep on buying products every time they run out of supply. This means that if you keep on inviting and teaching people to become wise consumers eventually, you shall be earning a substantial long-term repeating income.

To prove to you how good this business is, let me show you a three-month plan.

On your first month, invite four friends. Teach them to be wise consumers like yourself. If you and your friends will buy products equivalent to 1000 points each, you shall earn PHP264.00.

On your second month, invite four more friends. Teach your four friends, whom you invited during your first month, to invite four friends each. If you and your group buy 1000 PV each, you shall earn PHP 1,881.00. Haven't you noticed that your groceries are now free?

On your third month, invite four more friends. If everyone in your group invites four friends each and they buy products equivalent to1000 PV each, you will earn PHP 16,720.00.

If you and your friends continue the cycle for five months, you can buy yourself a brand new car!

The plan is highly achievable because you only have to change your branded grocery items to DXN products and invite one friend a week for three months. Then teach them to do what you do. What a way to earn!

What are the benefits in joining DXN Company?

1. Lifetime membership, provided you purchase once a year

2. 15-25 percent cash discount in every DXN products

3. Two percent international profit sharing

4. Lifetime points accumulation

5. No time limit for the position

6. International sponsoring

7. Legacy to your family

8. Travel abroad for free

9. Time freedom

10. No demotion

Initial Investment

A. Php510.00-Kit
B. Php875.00-RG&GL Food Supplement,Kit and 150 Points
C. Php2,800.00-Ten products, Kit and 1000 Points. You have check the following month

According to survey a Filipino family of four (4) spends an average of PHP2,000.00 per month buying products that we have in DXN. So, whether you will join in DXN or not you will spends money in buying products similar with DXN.

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What is Ganoderma lucidum?

Ganoderma lucidum is a kind of mushroom which has high ranking in the herb kingdom. During the ancient China, Emperors & Kings used it to give longevity, enhance stamina and cure various illnesses. All About Ganoderma lucidum.

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